Design with Branding in Mind

I deliver crafted designs that pass the test of time by staying true to your brand as authentically and professionally as possible. That is why my style is a blend of rich content and minimalistic aesthetics I specialize in aligning your branding strategy and message into visually elevated and captivating designs.


BALDORIA delivers modern, high-quality Graphic & Production Design solutions for agency brands and businesses.

As stated in my Legacy Branding Guide & Process, BALDORIA Services fall under the Brand Implementation and Targeted Content Creation phases of the overall Branding Development Process. Below you can find a breakdown of the specific disciplines I practice and scope of the Branding Development Process that I am (and am not) involved in:


Graphic Design

Production Design | Business Cards, Letterhead, Stationary, Brochures, Signage, Posters, and Packaging.

Online Advertising | Web Ads & Graphics, Website, Social Media Content (Graphics & Banners), and Online Marketing

Document & Presentation Design | Business Documents: Proposals, Annual Reports, Newsletters, and Infographics. Business Presentations: Google Slides + InDesign/PDF Layouts.


Branding Design

Visual Brand Assessment | Visual Assets Review and Quality Control

Visual Identity & Branding Guidelines | Art/Creative Direction, Typography, Colours, Graphics, Iconography, Imagery, Aesthetics, Business Collateral, Marketing Materials, and Brand Element Usage


Logo Design

Development Process | Brainstorming, Research, Sketches, Low-Fidelity + High-Fidelity Mock-ups, Feedback, and Edits

Deliverables | Primary Designs + Variations, Logo Guidelines + Usage, Print-Ready and Web-Optimized Versions