Legacy Branding

The Guide & Process to Developing Focused and Relevant Brands

If the secret to success is truly knowing yourself, then why should that be any different in truly knowing your brand and business? Legacies are developed and built through self-awareness, vision, intention and discipline. Great legacies are found in human history, contemplated even further through philosophy, psychology, dramas, plays, and folk tales, and currently resound in our movies, music, art and smartphone apps.

Think about it, with billions of users connecting daily, your story - your legacy, can potentially reach not only though space, but also time. At BALDORIA, I am passionate about developing Legacy Brands: brands that reach hearts, minds, and memories.

What is Your Legacy?


 A Vital Investment

Spend Your Time & Money Wisely

Investing in your brand, business, or professional development saves you from squandering two of your most valuable assets: time and money. And when done upfront and at the beginning of your development or business, the value is pivotal. At BALDORIA, I advocate any business, agency, professional or entrepreneur to invest in their development - because that is what every brand is: a representation of an idea, a story, a message, a person, a team, a company, a movement - that betters people through people.

No amount of flashy videos, elaborate illustrations or cutting-edge technology will reach your target audience if you do not speak to their concerns, needs, or pains points, while offering a practical and trustworthy solution. Do you know your audience? In what ways is your product or service different? How are you positioning yourself to stand out to your market? Does your brand’s visual aesthetics align with your brand messaging and vision?

If you are unsure, haven’t considered these aspects in your business, or recognize that these are weaknesses in your brand or business now - that’s alright! Knowing where you are in your journey is the first step in planning your next move. Continue reading to learn where you may be in the Legacy Branding Process. I strive to make this process as clear and as comprehensible as possible to educate, inform, and share the incredible value of investing not only your money and time, but also your story, vision, and skills in your very own, crafted, congruent, focused and relevant brand.

If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.
— Dr. Ralf Speth, CEO Jaguar

1 - Business Development


The conception of a successful brand explores, distinguishes, and assesses every element of your brand or business so that it is congruent, viable, and relevant.

Never assume your audience does not recognize between authenticity and mediocrity. More than ever, sweet talk or visual noise is not enough. There is a growing market of trusted professionals and businesses with powerfully relatable stories and targeted solutions - and an audience hungry for something real and authentic that speaks to them. Are you one of them?

I am not lying when I say that the Brand Development phase takes the most time to develop - because you, your brand or your business never stops developing. Yet, this crucial step includes establishing a strong foundation that will support your decisions and reinforce your message as you develop over time, gain experience, (re)discover and establish the intimate details, values, story, services or products, and purpose of your brand.

Included in Business Development & What to Expect:

  • Navigating Opportunities

  • Qualifying and Disqualifying

  • Business Assessment

  • Target Market Research

  • Business Modelling

  • Business Pricing

  • Products / Services

  • Competitor Research

  • Positioning: Claiming Your Niche

  • Brand and Business Values

  • Vision & Mission

  • Business Audit & Review

  • Branding Strategy

  • Marketing Strategies & Tactics

  • Ideal Clients

  • Messaging & Voice

  • Website & Online Presence Review

  • Improve Customer Relationships & Retention

  • Brand Update / Rebranding


2 - Brand Implementation


Once you have established your brand values and professional goals, refined your message and voice, defined your services, products, target market and aesthetic, we can begin designing an identity for your brand as a reference to future business decisions, business materials and marketing strategies.

By initially defining your brand messaging and strategy, the visual elements can then be designed with intention and consistency in reference to the brand. At this stage, I interpret the business and brand strategy and implement it into all the conceivable and appropriate visual aspects of your brand. In order to establish trust with your market and speak to your market, your brand needs to not only offer a unique and proven perspective to their specific need, but also remain congruent in representation and quality. Essentially, I am building a stylized and visualized map of your brand to journey with you as you develop in your agency, business, or profession.

It is incredibly quick how we make snap-decisions by sight alone - we look for value, relevance, and patterns in everything. Our response to any discrepancies often result in ignorance or indifference, while compatibility and interest fosters positive feedback and engagement. Therefore, it is crucial that your message not only resounds to your audience, but is also a feast for the eyes!

Included in Brand Implementation & What to Expect:

  • Visual Identity + Branding Guidelines

  • Art & Creative Direction

  • Aesthetics & Style

  • Logo Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Editorial Layout Design

  • Typography

  • Iconography

  • Colour Scheme

  • Business Collateral

  • Packaging


3 - Targeted Content Creation


Incongruity in your brand not only confuses potential customers but also accelerates a negative association of immaturity and mediocrity to your brand. By applying your brand messaging and aesthetics in your business and marketing materials, your brand will be recognized by your market for the right reasons - trust and quality.

With your Brand or Marketing Strategy, you will have a focused market in mind when researching trends and developing campaigns, while engaging and monitoring your online presence. As for the content creation of business and marketing materials, online or in print, expect several iterations, testing, modifying, and finessing. This is the stage of the journey where agencies or businesses market themselves either effectively or not. Common challenges brands face when promoting online is: consistent quality and relevancy of content, quantity and pace of developing original content, managing a system of when to share or market content, and advertising the value your brand offers in an impactful, creative, and engaging way.

Can you consistently deliver, engage and communicate the value and quality you offer your market time and time again? This is a multifaceted problem - At BALDORIA, I fulfill your design and production needs with clean, on-brand solutions, a collaborative attitude, organized and prioritized time management and implementation, and agile, focused, high-quality design expertise.

Included in Targeted Content Creation & What to Expect:

  • Web Ads + Graphics

  • Business Collateral

  • Business Documents + Templates

  • Online Presentations: Google Slides + PDFs

  • Marketing Materials + Collateral

  • Print Materials

  • Product Packaging

  • Social Media Profile Graphics

  • Social Media Post Content

  • Website Graphics

Know Thy Brand, Own Thy Brand



Are You Ready to Build Your Legacy?

With the Branding Strategy and Visual Identity and Branding Guidelines as a reference to your brand, the production of essential to creative marketing and promotional assets for your business will run seamlessly - saving you time, money, and peace of mind. How so? Well, with the prior two phases complete, your marketing campaigns and materials will have:

  • Direction and Purpose: developed from the messaging from the Branding Strategy

  • Recognition and Consistency: by applying the usage of elements from the Visual Identity and Branding Guidelines

  • Resulting in Targeted Content with depth and relevancy

By following this process, every photo, video, blog post, poster, billboard or creative will not detract, rather enhance and enrich your brand. The two core values of the Legacy Branding Process is: knowing and owning your brand. You need to know who you are and who your brand serves before marketing it out to the world. This way of thinking is for those willing to take responsibility, take ownership of their brand by investing in their development. Are you ready to build your legacy?