Marathon Mindset

Ordinary Time

A grand adventure or event will not always change us. Even rather everyday occurrences, such as studying and working, done with purpose and focus can help us grow in many ways. Some days are good, while others we are not as productive. We set new goals and learn new skills. We spend time with friends, while exploring new places in the city. What we call “normal life” can seem mundane. But in these times, we must take advantage of what we have and make the most of it. In ordinary time, we can explore, discover and improve.

Do ordinary things with extraordinary love.
— Mother Teresa

Comfort Zones

Every day can be different for all of us. We may have a routine that we follow or not. I find myself in a mix sometimes. Some days, I am right on track: waking up early, exercising, getting ready and then off to work. Other days (like last week), I was working from home. I discovered a stark contrast: I was not very consistent with my routine and I lost focus. I was in a comfort zone, literally, since my bed was only a couple of feet away. I still struggle separating home and work. For some, they are able to not only distinguish but also manage the change of pace within the same space much better.

The physical separation of leaving home to go to work brings the best out of me. I can leave my work when I am done and then focus on being at home. Yet, this is not always the case. Depending on the work and the situation, some projects stay in my mind wherever I go. But I do see a difference of my work ethic in different environments. I work best in some places and not in others. When I see people studying on coffee shops, I wonder how they do it. I think I would be very distracted. Although, I know that if I were to work in the same office, day in and day out, I might get bored. Comfort zones change and depending on what you’re doing and the situation, we can get the most or the least out of it.


Roll with the Punches

It is a new year, and we are already near the end of our first month. I remember vividly last year I was very tense at this time. I was already messing up my new year’s resolutions. I am glad to say that since then, I have been able to roll with the punches much better. Adapting when things do not go your way is a very valuable skills, because frankly, life does not always go the way you plan. This is not to discourage making a goal and actively achieving it, but rather give some room (and patience) for surprises.

The year started with a bang for me. I was consistently following my early morning routine, while working in the city. I had started a new fitness plan, diet and started going to the gym with a friend. Everything seem to be coming together, all within the first couple of weeks in the year. Until a change of pace and space tested my motivation and perseverance. In short, I could not adapt very well. My body was tired, my mind wondered and I could not get myself to stay awake and work. I took long walks, naps and munched on snacks here and there.

I was able to get back on track with my gym pal. We were both going through a little relapse. This can be a little nerve-racking and discouraging. However, when you are making big changes in your life, also make allowances for yourself. No one is perfect right at the start. We have to learn to walk before we run. We got back to the gym. I took the time to compose myself and get into the right mindset.


Mobile Mindset

This week, I am also working from home. I am testing myself to work as hard as I would in the office. I am up early, completed my workout and on the computer working on projects. We sometimes have control of the people we are with and the places where we work, but when we do not, it is our attitude that sets the tone. Having a positive and proactive outlook can overcome the doubts and laziness we experience.

I would be so stressed out when I did not see the results right away. But remember, we are running a marathon. Look at life as short sprints we run every day. Keep pushing forward and that finish line to your goal will get closer and closer. No matter where you are, adapt your mind, allow your thoughts and intentions to move with you to take action with what you need to do today. This is your time to make whatever you want. Do good, have fun, go on an adventure! 

Patricia Atienza