Busy Bee, Happy Bee

The Joy of Working Hard

There is something exhilarating seeing your dreams come true, making your vision into reality. Would it no be easier if things just came to us? No need to study or work. No long nights or stress. How would we react when all our heart’s desires were suddenly be fulfilled without our effort? Would we be thankful or appreciate it?

Anyone who strives to achieve something knows that sweet taste of accomplishing a goal, a victory overcome. Why does it feel so good? Because the effort we gave was validated, the time and sacrifice was recognized financially, from our peers or even ourselves.

I am looking forward to my trip to Iceland. It is exactly one week before I go with a couple of friends. I have mentioned in my last couple of posts, that I have been preparing for this trip by training at the gym. But I am also preparing my work and my schedule has definitely been changing. I am engaging a new client while managing current clients. It is an exciting time. The next couple of months will not only be exciting because of this trip, but also with the changes in environments, collaborators, projects and experiences. I can see that I have come a long way to be feeling this positive and motivated now.

If you ain’t never been in the battle, how you know how to go to war.
— Eboni Henry (MasterChef Finalist, Season 8)

Daily Battle

Besides her feisty and fighting spirit, a favourite personality on the latest season of MasterChef brought some wisdom that came to mind when writing this post. Fighting for your dream is a daily battle: to get up early, to eat well, to develop your craft, to exercise your mind and body, to interact with fellow creatives, to build strategic relationships with clients and collaborators, to make time for family and friends, to travel, and to enjoy life. The list goes on, and the vision can be different for everyone. But what rings true, is that your fight for the day is always there - will you rise to the challenge?

We may not win all the battles. We will lose some. But we will also win some. The most important thing to to get back up again and fight. The little victories will help us grow, to be smarter, wiser, stronger, more resilient and confident, until we reach the point when we are ready. I believe there is a time and a place for everything. I believe, we are meant to participate in our destinies by sacrificing bad habits and negative thoughts in order to be fit for greatness.

Happy bees are busy bees. They know where they are going and what they have to do. They know their purpose. How fulfilling it is to be who you are meant to be? To do what you are meant to be doing? We all have a gift, a special talent to make this world better and happier. Discover your craft, delight in your work and growth and revel in rewards life reveals through hard work. 

Patricia Atienza