Too Many Demands, Not Enough Time?

In our fast-paced digital world, taking missteps or overlooking details, sadly, becomes easier, more frequent and very costly. Businesses that struggle to keep up will be left behind. Staying relevant becomes more challenging and overwhelming. You start to feel like you are scrambling, and all over the place as inconsistencies and delays pile up and lead to conflict, mismanagement, missed deadlines, and stressful situations.

Poor strategy and planning, slow production and execution result in outdated, cheap, inconsistent, unprofessional, and mediocre, designs, brands, and businesses.

Get Trusted and Experienced Branding & Graphic Design Leadership

At BALDORIA, we play an active role in your business journey to develop crafted, strategic and impactful branding and design solutions. Located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, our boutique business blends rich content with minimalistic design aesthetics. Whether you are looking for an on-demand production design collaborator or an on-going specialist to manage a branding development project for your business or client - BALDORIA is here.


We Show Up & We Deliver

Based in Surrey, British Columbia, we are a 35-minute train ride to downtown Vancouver. We are available to work in-person or online. BALDORIA will meet you where you are and adapt to your needs and environment. Although our time zone is Pacific Time, we have successfully managed and completed branding and design projects completely online through video chats, phone calls, emails and other forms of media. BALDORIA is open to relocate for contract or permanent positions for your agency or business.


Rich Content & Minimalistic Aesthetics

BALDORIA focuses on your message and presents the rich content of your brand and business in a clean, modern and minimalistic way. Too many brands think that they need to encompass too many things all at the same time. We work with you to develop an concise and consistent brand, define your specific niche and audience, develop a marketing strategy that works for you and your needs, distill and share an engaging story and message that is authentically and professional yours.


Your Experience Expectations

Beyond brand development, and producing print-ready or online business and marketing materials and products, we offer a positive and reliable partnership experience. Whether you have had a negative experience with a past designer, BALDORIA strives to prove our dedication, discipline and genuine care for your business by being present, attentive, walking the walk, and actively communicating with you and your team throughout the process. The best way we can make you feel at ease is to avoid any misunderstandings by making sure we are all on the same page.


Our Communication Etiquette

We want to build an impactful and positive relationship with you. For any healthy relationship, both parties need to communicate. Communication practices that we expect from our clients and what our clients can expect from us include: responding promptly to emails and phone calls, communicating regularly on the progress of projects, budgets and projects are negotiated in a positive, value-based and fair manner, establishing an open, honest, and transparent business environment, and explanations and clarifications are done respectfully and constructively.