Spend Your Time & Money Wisely:

invest in your Business & professional development

You may not think that you have the time or resources to develop a professional brand. But with the right method and strategy, together we can make a great start. At BALDORIA, we help you unpackage the layers of your vision and develop your brand through a clean and organized process. Our branding services include: Brand Development, Brand & Logo Design, and Production Design.

We Meet You Where You Are in Your Journey

Depending where you or business are, BALDORIA specializes in the branding process - from conception to actively producing marketing materials for print and online. Whether you want to explore developing a brand, modernizing a brand or you have a business that you want to take to the next level, we give you the support, flexibility, and quality to stay ahead. Find where you are in your business or professional journey, so we can start servicing you to your specific needs now.





The conception of a successful brand explores and then refines who you are and why you do your business does. We must not assume your audience does not recognize between authenticity and mediocrity. More than ever, sweet talk is not enough. There is a growing market of trusted professionals and businesses that speak the truth.

We are not lying when we say that the brand development phase takes the most time to develop - because you never stop developing. But we can at least establish a strong foundation that will support your decisions and reinforce your message as you change over time, gain experiences and discover more about your values, services, products, agency or business.

What we cover / What you can expect:

  • Establishing Your Personal Values + Professional Goals

  • Finding Your Message: Vision + Mission

  • Defining Your Target Market

  • Exploring Your Modern Aesthetic: Look + Feel

  • Brand/Design Prototyping


Brand & Logo Design



Once you have established your personal values and professional goals, found your message and voice, defined your services, products, target market and aesthetic, we can begin designing an identity for your brand to reference in future business decisions, business materials and marketing strategies.

By defining your brand in words, imagery, aesthetics, graphics, icons, colours, messaging, market and direction, we can refine these aspects of your brand into consistent marketing materials and strategies that stay consistent with your brand. Essentially, we are building a stylized map of your brand to journey with you as you develop in your agency or business.

What we cover / What you can expect:

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Guidelines + Usage

  • Art Direction

  • Imagery/Photography

  • Graphic Design


Production Design


Recognizable + Consistent

Inconsistency in your brand not only confuses potential customers but also accelerates their negative judgement of distrust and mediocrity of your brand. We want your brand to be recognized for the right reasons - trust and quality.

With brand guidelines as a reference of values, art direction, messaging and target market, we can start building the products needed for your business, clients or agency quickly and efficiently - while staying on-brand, consistent, and producing high-quality work. As we build and deliver value to your clients, you earn not only their recognition and trust, but also their loyalty. This is the stage of the journey where businesses or agencies succeed or fail. If you want to compete, you have to be agile and consistent.

What we cover / What you can expect:

  • Print Design

  • Editorial Layout Design

  • Business + Marketing Collateral

  • Optimized Web Ads + Graphics

  • Content Creation

If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.
— Dr. Ralf Speth, CEO Jaguar