Case Study

Cuatro Coffee

Visual Identity & Branding Guidelines

Cuatro Coffee offers a variety of tasty flavours blended into high-quality coffee beverages. Located in the heart of Surrey, we are your neighbourhood coffee shop. Cuatro Coffee was founded by a Surrey father’s great love for his family in 2014. Naming the cafe in honor of his four daughters, Cuatro Coffee specializes in serving quality coffee with tasty flavours. Unlike traditional cafes, Cuatro offers American-style sizes and flavoured syrups. However, nothing is overly sweet when it comes to our coffee. We pride in highlighting the coffee through rigorous tasting and quality control for our client’s elevated tastes and coffee needs.




Visual Identity

An overview of brand elements developed and designed for Cuatro Coffee. Included: Logo Design and Variations, Colour Palette, Type Treatment, Patterns, Imagery Mood Board, Social Media Profiles and Content, and Business Collateral, Product Packaging, and Menu Design.


Branding Guidelines

The complete document pages of the Cuatro Coffee Visual Identity & Branding Guidelines. Included are more details and thorough explanations about the different elements of the brand.