It takes a village to raise a child.

Through my experiences, I have learned, that no one can succeed alone. We all need help. When we try to succeed on our own, we lose out on the

By accepting this truth and opening ourselves up to the opportunities out there, our success reflects that of

the people we can meet and the places we can go, our success




Operation Compassionate Society of British Columbia

Umoja is a local non-profit organization in Guildford, Surrey, BC, Canada. Their services help new immigrant families and refugees assimilate into Canada through classes and programs. I have been volunteering with the Homework Club, Saturday Program, and Summer Camps since 2016. These programs for children ages 6-12 creates a space for learning English, playing games, making friends, field trips, and participating in local events.

I find great joy engaging and giving back to my local community. Through my experiences with UMOJA, I continue to learn more about myself and others. Working with a great team of program coordinators, volunteers, and children, I practice communication skills, patience, time management and team building skills every week.