Case Study 

Business of Creativity

Visual Identity & Branding Guidelines

Business of Creativity provides creative freelancers and solopreneurs with the resources, mindset, and structure they need to thrive in today’s dynamic market place. Online courses, group training, masterminds, and live events/workshops provide the knowledge and skills they want, the structure they need to implement consistently, and the mindset tools to follow through to their dreams. We bridge the gap between their creative skills/genius and running a successful business.




Visual Identity

An overview of brand elements developed and designed for Business of Creativity. Included: Logo Design and Variations, Colour Palette, Type Treatment, Patterns, Imagery Mood Board, Social Media Profiles and Content, and Business Card Design.


Branding Guidelines

The complete document pages of the Business of Creativity Visual Identity & Branding Guidelines. Included are more details and thorough explanations about the different elements of the brand.