A Wake-Up Call to Be Honest

I was at a Crossroads in My Career.

I have been freelancing for a almost two years, trying to get consistent work. I realized that I could not face the industry alone. So I joined a community called Communo. The community changed my views about where I wanted to go, not only in my career but also in my life.

My story does not seem too unique. I went to school, studied design and went about looking for work at a design or marketing agency. I did not get hired. I did not have the experience or the expertise they were looking for. I thought, well, how can I get experience if no one will give me a chance? My answer was simple: I will give myself a chance. So I started freelancing.

I was fortunate to find some production and graphic design work. But I was not satisfied. Although I was freelancing as a graphic designer, I would be asked to work on things that I was not interested in or experienced in. As I gained confidence and experience in my own skills, I discovered that I wanted to not only produce graphics, but develop brands.

By participating in the conception and development of brands, I design better. By knowing a client’s story and a business’ purpose, I present intuitive ideas and appropriate concepts. I no longer wanted to be someone who just makes things look pretty, but also crafts designs that are purposeful and authentic.


Dare to Dream


At first, I could not understand the difference between a freelancer and a solopreneur. My conclusion is that a freelancer is a professional who takes work from anyone who fits their need, whereas a solopreneur operates as a one-man business. In a business you have a mission, a vision, a target market and strategy. I am sure that there are freelancers that operate this way, too. But when I was a freelancer, I did not.

The biggest challenge for me was to allow myself to dream. Within the community, I was asked to be honest about myself about my dreams, passions and skills. It took awhile for me to even entertain the idea of BALDORIA, because I knew the work, time and finances it would take to develop. But the more I gave into the notion, the more motivated I became. The concept combined so many aspects of my professional and personal life that I knew this brand was finally developing into who I truly am and what I want to do.


A Toast to Authenticity


There is no longer a use for full-service agencies. We have to be agile and flexible. We have to be experts in what we do and passionate about our vision. I am taking the first steps in walking that walk. How we work, where we work and when we work is shifting. Anyone with talent, great work ethic, conviction and vision can become their own success. The responsibility may be daunting and intimidating, but the freedom and opportunities are exhilarating.

I chose BALDORIA because it is my personal and professional vision in life. I want to celebrate and enjoy life. To receive great things, we must give greatly. I want to offer my skills, give my insights and share my expertise with others that are willing to dream their craziest dreams, too. Together, we can create solutions. You are not alone. I want to support your development in your journey, the highs and the lows, so that down the road we can celebrate our achievements.

I am passionate in your development as a professional, as an expert, as a business. I want to know your story and present it to your audience in the best way possible. Let’s get personal. Let’s collaborate. Let’s make the future what we want. There is no better time than now.