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Hello! Iā€™m Patricia.

Graphic & Production Designer

Specializing in Visual Identity & Branding Development

I am a Solopreneur from Vancouver, B.C., Canada. After years of experience as a Freelance Graphic and Production Designer, I honed my skills, knowledge, and efficiency in Production Design, and a passion for Visual Identity and Branding Development and Design. The quality of my work showcases my focused, minimalistic aesthetic of crafted brand identities and effective editorial layout designs for print and web. Branding Development and Design intrigues my desire to bring life to information in a creative way ā€“ to make it purposeful, interesting, engaging and interactive.

I am passionate about building Legacy Brands. As I developed as a Production Designer, I discovered that the more I knew about a brand - their mission, aesthetics, messaging, and strategy - the better aligned my designs would be creatively to the brand. This not only saved time (and money) in development and production, but also kept designs, whether online ads or graphics to business documents and posters, consistent and recognizable to the brand. Through my journey, I learned that my specialty is Visual Identity and Branding Development Production and Design within the Branding Development Process. Learn more about BALDORIA Services and what I can specifically do for you, here.

I advocate investing in Branding Strategy before Visual Identity and Branding. While freelancing, many prospective clients would request for quotes for designs, such as logos or a website. After a little digging, I found that a big misconception entrepreneurs, professionals, and even businesses had when developing their brand or marketing was that they focused too much on the visual. Filling up a profile on Instagram photos and videos - no matter how amazing - will not have the same impact or differentiate you or your brand enough without a strong story or strategy behind it.

Without a Branding Strategy or unclear Project Scope, I design blindly. Some designers may assume the parameters and values of your brand in order to have just enough to design a visual identity. The fault I find in this approach is that the brand will take on too many risks and blind spots. Before investing in content creation and marketing, it is essential to know if your business is viable, distinct, and needed. This requires more investment and time - but it is worth it. If you want a brand that: will stand the test of time, is rich in content, shares an impactful and engaging message, is presented in a modern way, and stays consistent and aligned to your brand as it grows, then what you need is Legacy Branding. Find out where your brand stands in the Legacy Branding Guide & Process here.

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