Getting Back on Track

Returning to Everyday

It has almost been a month since my trip and I am still in the vacation mood. Editing and posting photos remind me of all the great experiences and memories. It was great travelling with friends and exploring a new place like Iceland. I never imagined going to a place like it. It is truly wonderful and amazing. As a creative, we test, explore and redesign our ideas, our perspectives and even ourselves to make order out of chaos. Although we prepare and train, there is nothing like first-hand experience to really learn about the world, yourself and others. For this opportunity, I am truly blessed and grateful. Check out the photos on my Instagram profile @pat.atienza

Last week, I was happy to get back into the work groove and put in a solid week of work. It took a couple of weeks re-orienting myself. Habits such as going to the gym, waking up early and volunteering took a while to resettle back into, too. It can be very easy to stay in that state of transition. But I know myself, and I know my goals for this year. It took some time, but I am happy to be hustling and working again.


Back to Work

This past month, I worked on a poster design for a client. It was a great opportunity and a change of pace to the usual work that I do. It was also great to return to the office and see my co-workers. Taking Zumba classes again was tough at first. I felt like it was my first class all over again, even though I had been taking class for at least a month. But I am happy to say that I can keep up without being completely exhausted.

Another joy was volunteering with kids. They bring fun and excitement to my life. I have also been volunteering more lately, joining in on Homework Club days. Constantly learning together and rediscovering the joy of learning.


Something Old, Something New

While travelling, there is the excitement of the unknown, newness and adventure. Do not get me wrong, I love it! But when the little things in your life, like work, learning or hobbies, bring so much pleasure and excitement in your life already, you can start missing the mundane and everyday life, too. I was shocked to feel this way during my trip. Here I was exploring Icelandic waterfalls and snorkeling through tectonic plates, but I honestly felt that way. On vacations we want to escape - the normal, the boring, the old. Therefore, I think something is going right when even everyday life is good. That is what we should be striving for.

Planning for trips and getaways are fun and exciting. Yet our usual interactions and relationships are also important and worth investing time and effort for, too. It is the little things that accumulate to make big changes.


Next Adventure

I have been bitten by the travel bug! I can not wait to go on another trip. Until then, there are adventures at home that I can prepare for. There is an upcoming event that I am a member for this month that I am helping out with. I am planning to update my portfolio with new work. I want to get back into the gym more often and eating better. I am reading (books, physical books) and listening to podcasts more than watching videos.

I am feeling positive and it is amazing! I am happy to be writing again about my journey and seeing where it goes. Amazing things happen when the balance of the familiar and unfamiliar are in harmony. It is exciting, without being overwhelming. It tests what you know and teaches you where to grow. We are already in March - let’s keep the momentum of a great year going! ■

Patricia Atienza