Sign of the Times


Change Is Coming: Disrupting the Norm

With a couple of weeks left in until the new year, I cannot help but reflect on the past year. So much has happened. Many of which I never imagined for myself, such as: travelling, taking salsa lessons and starting a business. Outside of the positives, also came challenges, including: networking, building new client relationships and leads, and starting a new business. This year was definitely a continuation of a change in my career and personal development. So with another year to look forward to, I want to apply the lessons I have learned this year and change for the better in 2019.

I have been struggling these past weeks in keeping up with this blog. To be honest, I was feeling pretty low. If you have been following me these past months, finding regular work has been tough. It has been getting me down. And after starting a business, BALDORIA Branding Co., late summer, I had the added pressure to grow as a business owner. With my frustration about work and feeling incompetent with my own business, I was at the brink of a breaking point.

I knew something had to change: my habits, my mindset and surroundings. I did not to keep going on like this. But we all know bad habits are hard to break and changing how we think is even harder. In my last blog post, I talked about identifying our source for change: are we coming from a source of abundance or scarcity. Our source is a defining factor of how we are to succeed. I realize knowing is only half or the process to change. Acting upon this concept and applying it to my life is another challenge.

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.
— Michael Jordan

I was still coming from a place of scarcity. Without work and not improving, I thought I was failing as a designer and business. Sometimes, I would catch myself and refocus. I knew, failure, rejection and risk are a part of life, moreso in the life of business and entrepreneurship. But, like a bad habit, it was hard to always break through this way of thinking. How I feel affects my mindset. I know if we only rely on our feelings and not with our heads, we can lose sight of many things. But without our feelings and reasons, we can fail to connect.

I am a very emotional person. I see my feelings and emotions are powerful tools. But in order to pull out the best out of my emotions, I need to learn how to control and focus them. Therefore, I had to start using my head without my feelings. I had to separate myself from my feelings. The successes and failures are not a reflection of myself as a person, rather they are simply results of my character. No matter what, we will face challenges and problems. But how we deal with these problems will tell us what kind of person we are.

It has taken a lot of time and personal development on part to reach this point in my life where I know that I am good enough. I can easily forget that when I am struggling to learn and grow. But more times than not, I think we tend to be very hard on ourselves and have our emotions take over. I can say in my circumstance, that I can do more and I can be more. And most importantly, where I am coming from is a place that is enough, whole and good.

With this mindset of hope, courage and creativity, another vital factor to the mix is community. No successful person, brand or business has done it all on their own. The sayings: We are stronger in numbers and There is no I in team, as cliche as they are, are also very true. Too often, our fears and worries dictate where we go and how far we go. Financial risks, overwhelming work and lack of knowledge and insights have devastated many powerful businesses and brands. How daunting is the challenge for a single person? Therefore the answer is quite simple, we go as a team.

That ye may be sons of your Father who is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sendeth rain on the just and the unjust.
— Matthew 5:45 (American Standard Version)

I have mentioned before how the community I am a part of has led me to where I am today. This community is called Communo. The break to my rut these past weeks was a meeting with some members about building the Communo community in Vancouver, BC. Firstly, I was so excited to see some familiar faces and just to be in this great and supportive setting with these selected entrepreneurs and business owners in marketing and media. Secondly, it was just nice to meet and talk with people.

Despite the meeting having a business purpose, we were able to talk, chat and catch up about business and life. With whom we surround ourselves with can bring out the best and sometimes worst in us. I am sure everyone has had difficult, even toxic relationships whether personal or professional. They can really hurt our work ethic and mindset. So finding your place with people you are comfortable with, can trust professionally, and share a great value for altruistic traits and gestures is amazing. This is what sets Communo a part in my opinion. If this sounds like your kind of community, check them out here.

Talking with other professionals in your field, talking with a great set of people is great no matter if it is business related or not. This is what I was missing in my rut: communicating, talking, sharing, listening and contributing. You are not alone. With the technologies we have, we can reach and connect with people around the world. I am lucky that I have found a local group that shares my interests and values.

With this new goal of building community and replenishing my soul and mind with amazing conversations, I was getting inspired and motivated again. Little by little, I am changing. Things still get me down or cause me to doubt, but I am getting stronger and more courageous after every fall or failure. Like a business, brand or person, we are constantly developing and changing. I am learning to be patient with myself and my failures. I am applying the skills and lessons I have experienced. I am listening. I am modifying, testing, and experimenting different strategies and processes.

Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failures are the surest stepping stones to success.
— Dale Carnegie

Failures are not nothing. They are something. They are the building blocks to success. For a long time, I thought I was failing all the time because I was not seeing the results I wanted. But the success we want does not come for free or without sacrifice. My vision of success is different for others, so my path will naturally be different, specific and unique to me. The times where I rebrand, change and develop are not failures. They are what got me to where I am today.

It’s a sign of the times that vulnerability and authenticity is route to success. Do not worry if you are not there yet. But do not count out this present moment to change. It is challenging, it is daunting, but it is also a step into a crazy and amazing adventure. I was honestly feeling really depressed with this upcoming year. But with the support and hope from the people I care about and remembering the victories of the year, I am grateful for where I am now. I am at the place at this moment. I am the person I am meant to be. I am enough. And so are you.

We still have some time to squeeze in some great memories into this year. There is a lot to be excited and thankful for. I appreciate your patience with me if you have been following my blog or are reading it for the first time. Your support is incredible valuable to me. Catch you on the next blog! ■

Patricia Atienza